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Startup Ecology Phase 1 

Startup Ecology Acceleratory Community Structure

1) Tool Time- 10 Minutes

Demo a free tool that will help you grow your business


2) Group Standup- 20 Minutes

Communication matters

Time is precious- respect this

“Mini pitch”


What have you accomplished?

What will you accomplish?

What are your obstacles?

Your “Why Card” question (a motivator)


Time (84s present, 6s transition)

Plan (helpers self identify, don’t solve - they just hand out or marked up a “see-me” card


3) Education/article/presentation/guest 40 Minute (20 min + 20 min discussion - these will be recorded and archived.)


4) Member Spotlight (15 minutes)  

[This could be longer, and allow for more members to share if we do not have a speaker or a presentation]

Pitch, Q&A practice

Sharing hacks

Startup ER

5) “See Me” Follow Up (15 minutes)


Cost for this is $99 a month. -  Please use this button to subscribe

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